Countries you can travel amidst COVID-19 restrictions

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, there are countries which can still be visited


The year 2020 saw a number of people locked in their houses as a safety measure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A number of countries are facing a deadly second wave, but still the travel options are also slowly opening for people who might travel in the upcoming summer holiday break. Compared to a couple of months back, a number of tourists destinations have been opened for the people in the United States. But considering the pandemic, travelling within the United States would be easier when compared to foreign countries. Here are a few places where you can travel in the upcoming summer break.

1. Hawaii – The government of Hawaii are making it mandatory for people over the age of 5 to have a negative COVID-19 test so they can waive the mandatory ten day self-quarantine. For now full vaccinations do not help people to waive the quarantine period.

2. Caribbean Islands –Most of the Caribbean nations are open for the international tourists and most of the places require a pre-travel test. Some of the nations are also allowing people who are fully vaccinated.

3. Europe – Some parts of the Europe have been opened for the American tourists. But the major part of the Schengen part is still not open for the people in the US at least until mid-July. Different nations have laid down their own set of rules for entry.

4. Maldives – Maldives is also open for the American tourists. The tourists need to show a negative pre-travel test before they arrive and stay at a resort that has been authorized by the government to skip the mandatory quarantine.

5. Mexico – This is one of the easiest places to be accessed for most of the travellers in the United States. The authorities here do not demand for a pre-arrival test and does not even ask if they are fully vaccinated. Travellers who do not have any symptoms do not have to undergo a mandatory quarantine.

Photo Credits: Pixabay