Hidden features of a cruise you could never know

A cruise ship has a number of features that even the regular cruisers will never know


A cruise can be the most splendid and amazing experience in your life. Majority of the cruise ships are so big and complicated that many of the guests will never be able to know certain things, no matter how often they have taken a cruiseline experience. Some of the cruise industry experts revealed about certain things that you might not know but is worth for your knowledge, especially if you are planning to be on one. Here are some of the hidden features of the ship that you could never know.

1. The walls of the cruise are magnetic – many people might not know that the walls of the cruise are magnetic. So next time when you are on a cruise, you can bring some magnets that can be used to hang anything like your schedule, or any other documents the crew has given you.

2. Find a strong Wi Fi signal near the source – Majority of the cruisers complain of this and the trick is to get near the computer area to get the strongest signal. As the passengers have no signal on their phone as they are miles away from the shore, the only thing they can depend is on the Wi Fi offered by the cruise-line.

3. A morgue – Although this is not a benefit but is a feature that all cruises are expected to have mandatorily. Deaths on cruise are common and it is best for the cruiseline to be prepared to have a morgue till they reach the nearest port.

4. Hidden pools – Many cruises have hidden pools which are not meant for the passengers but are for the crew. There are areas that are restricted for the crew members as they are not allowed to socialize with the guests when they are not working.

5. Hidden storage cabin – Most of the time it is tough to find storage space. But the cabins are designed so they can have storage spaces in the most unexpected and hidden way like behind the mirror or under the bed.

Photo Credits: Pixabay