Here are the 4 biggest international travel trends of 2017

Put on your traveler's hat and set out to explore the world this year!

international travel trends of 2017

As the travel bug fast catches up with everyone around the world, the ardent travel has taken to abandon the usual travel practices and expectations. By pushing the boundaries of luxury travel and collecting mere artifacts, travelers now craves for new and exotic experiences over everything else!

So if you are looking to fill up your travel diary in 2017, here are a few international travel trends to inspire your explorations –

1. Backlash against luxury travel


Gone are the days when a traveler expected to reside in a seven star hotel with world class amenities, solid marble suits and gold-leaf interiors. The experience hungry travelers now seek out luxury experiences rather material luxuries. The focus has shifted to curating rare and treasured experiences, which connect one back to their roots. Investing in emotional value of experiences is the latest travel trend which is fast catching up. The rise of village tourism and home-stays which offer authentic experiences is proof.

2. Experience matters more than ownership!


The elite traveler no longer seeks out souvenirs, but instead wants access to pure and authentic experiences.  Owning expensive products like the Hermès Kelly bag doesn’t mean as much anymore. Unique travel experiences and sharing them with the world matter much more.

3. Preference for family owned properties over hotel chains

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A big advantage offered by family owned properties over hotel chains is the variety of experiences they offer. While international hotel chains strive to offer uniform services to all their guests, the level of personalization simple family owned properties offer is what travelers now crave for. Travelers now seek out unique experiences, personalized to their tastes as opposed to having the same experience as they other 100 odd guests stay at a hotel. This can be as simple as living in a room with minimal necessities, no WIFI and re-connecting with nature. Or camping out on a big family owned property overlooking a lake, with the security and amenities of a hotel, offered by the estate.

4. Exploring off-beat destinations

travel trends of 2017 - off beat destinations
Botanikuri Street in the Old Town of Tbilisi, Georgia

Visiting classic travel destinations such as Cuba, London and Paris will never go out of fashion. But travelers are now widening their net to explore off-beat destinations such as Bulgaria, Ljubljana, Sofia, Slovenia, Tbilisi and smaller destinations to soak in the unique cultural experience they offer.

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