4 Useless travel items you don’t need to pack when on the go!

Traveling light is the new mantra

travel case

We are all guilty of overpacking when going on long trips or vacations. While packing first aid, raincoats and an extra pair of boots may just be the signs of a cautious traveler and can really come in handy in exigencies – there are somethings which simply don’t belong in your case! From money pouches, to zip-pants and travel irons, here’s a list of top 4 travel items people need to stop packing when on the go –

1. Travel Iron

This should technically not exist, considering irons are not meant to be traveled with. But sadly, they do exist and travelers finicky about wearing a crisp cotton shirt as they sail down a lake on a house boat may be tempted to pack one. But think about it – Would that crisp cotton shirt really bring you that much joy when you need to carry a bigger case and possibly pay for extra luggage when flying?

Most hotels provide irons as a part of their housekeeping and even offer to iron shirts for a modest price, unless you are living in a top-notch hotel in Paris – in which case the cost of ironing out your shirt may exceed it’s price. In such cases – fall to blacks or sports wear which does not easily crease.

2. Money Belts

You need to ditch the money belt for a variety of reasons and security is one of those. Money belts are a clear indicator for small time thieves that you are carrying valuables and can mark you out as a target.

Further, passengers carrying money belts are often subject to extra security checks and this is completely unnecessary in the age of international travel cards and ATMs.

3. Camera Tripods

Unless you are absolutely determined to click professional landscape photos or shoot the aurora borealis, leave the camera tripod out of your travel case. Camera tripods are not just bulky, but take up considerable amount of space and can become a big liability too. Hence, if you are keep on clicking memorable pictures on your trip – opt for a Gorillapod instead. It’s lighter, smaller and get the job done.

4. Books

It maybe heartbreaking for a book worm to leave books behind while traveling, but it’s for your own good. Do you really want to carry around so much weight as you explore the world?

A good alternative to this is downloading and carrying digital copies of your favorite books. Apps like Google Books and devices like the Amazon Kindle make traveling with books easy in the digital age.