Love Whisky & travel? Become a Grant’s Whisky Ambassador & get paid international trips!

Become a Whisky ambassador with Grant's Whisky and travel the world with an unlimited whisky supply

Grant's Whisky Ambassador
Love Whisky? Here's a paid travel opportunity for you!

If you love whisky more than you love to travel – here’s your once in a lifetime opportunity to combine the two! With Grant’s Whisky, you can win the opportunity to explore the world as a Grant’s Whisky Ambassador (and get paid for it!)

Reportedly, Grant’s Whisky is seeking out candidates for the position of Global Brand Ambassador. Once selected, three finalists will be dispatched to countries like India, Columbia, Poland and South Africa for a period of 10 days, with a suitcase full of Grant’s Whisky. Their aim will be to interact with the locals and promote the brand.

As disclosed by Grant’s Whisky, the eligibility criteria is someone who is above 25 years of age, can speak English, loves to travel and can be a credible figurehead for the brand around the world.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Here’s how you can apply for the position of Grant’s Whisky Ambassador –

Step 1 – Apply through Instagram, Facebook or E-mail

Applicants will need to create a drink with three ingredients, with one being Grant’s Whisky. Each cocktail will be judged on it’s distinctiveness, creativity and intrigue after it is posted online with the hashtag – #GrantsInterview. All applicants will be allowed three entires till August 30, 2017.

Grant's Whisky Ambassador
Get creative with your whisky cocktails!

Step 2 – Face challenges in Scotland (Masterchef style!)

Top 20 applicants will be flown down to Scotland where they will face a series of challenges and tests. The best part? Travel and accommodation will be included!

Grant's Whisky Ambassador
A traditional whisky distillery in Scotland

Step 3 – Three finalists will travel for 10 days and the best one gets the job! 

Off the 20, top 3 finalists will be sent on a 10 day long international tour – each with their personal videographer to document their journey. The one with the best story will be selected for the job.

Grant's Whisky Ambassador
A breathtaking view of the shore of Scotland

Step 4 – Enjoy your title of Global Grant’s Whisky Ambassador for the next one year

As a part of your job, you will need to travel to all the international destinations, Grant’s Whisky’s founder, Charles Grant Gordon traveled to in the year 1909, and more!

So what are you waiting for? Get your creative horses running and whip up a unique cocktail to participate.

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