Overseas Travel Tips – Tricks to Lower Your Holiday Costs


Overseas travel is indeed huge money. Starting from your preparation right before your roaming days in Rome or chilling hot in Chile till the day you back home, cash are spent. The flight fares, travel agent, hotel packages, food, and shopping budget are the big holiday deals that may hard to beat. Thus, save your pennies by considering these simple tricks might help you with more saving. If you are lucky, maybe a budget holiday, travelers? Well, lower, probably.

Don’t Get Trapped by the “Perfect Trip” Ads

Those lines of precious moments and memories might sound magical in every traveler’s ears. Yet, don’t be sucked into the emotive language as holiday industry always involves commercial talk with great discount hotels. It is actually obvious as the more plans on a dream, round the world holiday you want, the more money you’ll spend. The result is, many of travelers end up disappointed or broke. And let’s not forget overseas travel which comes with a huge list of sightseeing and tourist attractions.

It is good to fantasize a time of relaxing, gearing up, and partying with your pals or family. But, try to keep it logical (and stay sane) by consciously thinking about the things that you can afford. You might want to get some help from some sort of free apps like the Budget Planner to have some guide on budget airfares and budget travel. You don’t want to ruin the rest of the year because of a week or two weeks trips, do you?

Avoid Shock Charges from Your Phone

It is almost impossible to stay away from your phone. But, when you are abroad, don’t let your 3G/4G and data roaming gets you an eye-watering bill because of the web abroad. An example from the European providers tells us that it only costs you 17p/MB inside Europe, but when you are outside Europe, you’ll be cost 8£/MB. What a shock!

The simplest way is to turn off your device or take it into airplane mode. But, you can slash the cost by using the free wi-fi hotspots, using the data roaming add-ons, or just simply change your Sim to the local one.

Don’t Go for the Hotel Star System

Except for the major five-star hotels we know having a franchise in many countries, the star rating system is somehow different within countries. Sometimes, it is just an indicator of facilities it offers to you rather than the quality of say a 4 star hotel or 5 star accommodation. Ask your TripAdvisor if the one you are looking for is a swanky hotel gateway and find the best price for it to take advantage of some great hotel offers and last minute flights.

If you are looking for low cost holidays as part of your overseas travel itinerary, then, it is recommended that you consider posh villas rather than hotels. With the bigger space but relatively lower cost, a villa will certainly help you with the budget. Especially, if you are taking the trip in groups.

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Another trick is by taking the hostels for even cheaper offers. Hostels doesn’t always mean a bunk. Many of them offer travelers with singles, twins, and doubles in qualities. Ask the Hostel World for more information regarding the official ratings and help yourselves with massive saving over hotel prices.

Overseas travel

Luggage and Luggage

To cut spending extra cash on flogging snacks, flyers could bring their own snack on the plane. It is the liquid that is banned through the airport, not the sarnies! Just bring your own, with the considerable amount, to save you from buying the overpriced snacks on the board.

Also, pack your stuff and sort them in weight. Wear the heaviest clothes and try to avoid taking them in your luggage. This is related to some airlines offering that allows the passenger to have free hand luggage. So, don’t waste it!

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