5 Ways to protect your skin while travelling

Travelling is a time when you are least bothered about your skin and a few tips can help to protect your skin


While on a holiday, what we do most of the time is travel. This means it is a time when we are least bothered about our skin. But not many realize that we often compromise on our skin care while on a holiday. But here are a few tips that can help to take good care of the skin without any compromise.

1. Oil free moisturizer – While you can remain protested from the sun, an oil free moisturizer is the best way to keep the skin well moisturized in the sun and minimize the shine.

2. Sun screen lotion – A good sun screen lotion is a basic for a holiday plan as you will be spending most of the time outdoors. Get a sun screen lotion with at least SPF 30 and make sure that you apply it on the skin at least half an hour before you step out in the sun. If you are jumping in to the pool, keep a water proof sun screen lotion handy.

3. Foundation and primer with SPF – People who like to wear Foundation can go with an SPF combination which will be worth an investment. It not just protects from sun rays, but also protects from premature ageing and locks the moisture.

4. Protect your lips – Your lips too need ample protection and a lip gloss or a lip balm with SPF can be handy. When you are wearing make up, your look cannot be complete with some tint on the lips.

5. Waterproofing on the beach – While on the beach make sure that you put away some of your make up stuff like mascara, eyeliner and kajal. If you cannot do without them, them just make sure that you are using waterproof make up stuff. They can be expensive but worth an investment. A good waterproof sunscreen is a must to protect the exposed parts of the body.

Photo Credits: Pixabay