Top ten mistakes to avoid while in Paris

A traveler in Paris must be cautious and smart, so a few things must be avoided to make your stay pleasant


The City of Paris has all the ability to charm you with its gleaming boutiques, world class museums and off-course its lovely weather. But the city can also disappoint when you find yourself with an overpriced meal or other factors that can spoil the entire mood of your holiday. Here are a few mistakes that you must avoid while in Paris.

1. Do not be wooed with a Michelin starrer dinner –While on a holiday, you have already spent enough, so you need not blow your budget as it can cost you a set back of $400 to $500. Instead you can go to some laid back modern bistros which serve simple yet outstanding meals. Even the locals love them.

2. Do not shop at Champs-Elysees – Champs Elysees was once considered as one of the most beautiful avenue in the world but things have changed and the place has been dominated by global chain stores, movie multiplexes and auto dealerships. Instead follow the locals for shopping at the neighborhoods like the North Marais, where you can shop for the brands like Kitsune, Officine Sessun or Papier Tigre.


3. Don’t expect to see everything at the Louvre – Louvre is huge and is surely overwhelming as a traveler. As a tourist, we put a lot of pressure on covering everything at once. You can instead split your time between some of the smaller museums and Louvre.

4. Do not commit a fashion Faux Pas – When in Paris, you better be dressed right. Make sure you that your shorts are not excessively baggy or have cargo pockets and so on. The secret is, when in Paris, dress like the locals do. The French these days are casual and have mastered the art of a clean and coordinated look.

5. Do not roam around in a cab – They can be hard to come by and moreover they cannot be flagged down on the street as you have to call ahead for one or find a taxi stand. It is a better idea to walk around to have a better experience. Do not worry as the centre of Paris is just a couple of miles wide.


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