6 Things cruise passengers must know

There are many things that the cruise passengers are not aware of

cruise passengers

What can be better than a holiday on a luxury cruise ship. Exotic locations, activities, fun time and loads of fresh air, sums up a cruise ship holiday. But there are many factors that are hidden from the passengers on board. Here are a few facts and realities that cruise passengers might be not knowing while on a cruise ship.

1. There is a morgue on the ship – Records from 2008 to 2018 from the Brevard County Medical Examiner’s Office, home to Port Canaveral, the country’s second-busiest, counted 129 naturally occurring deaths on cruises. This stood for the reason that cruise ships must have morgues on board.

cruise passengers

2. Staff cannot hang out with guests – Cruise staffers tend to make connections with the guests as they see the same people for many days or at least for a week. But it is a rule that employees are not allowed to party with the cruise ship passengers.

3. Dumping waste – 3,000 rooms on board means 3,000 rest rooms which are constantly being flushed. Most of the cruise ships have a filtration system that works to eliminate the bacteria in the greywater and bathroom waste.

4. Cruise ships can leave you behind – cruise passengers have strict timeline when it reaches a port. The passengers have a few hours before they are required to return to the ship or they will be left behind.

5. Cruise ship staffers are trained to handle pirates – It is unlikely that pirates would take over a giant ship, but one incident happened in 2005, the Seabourn Spirit luxury cruise liner was attacked by pirates but the crew expertly handled the situation by emanating a Long Range Acoustic Device that gives off a screeching or a painful noise. The employees are trained to tell the guests to get away from the decks and windows if such attacks happen.

6. Food for the staff is not so great – The passengers might be treated with the best food, but the staffers have to stick to the regular cafeteria style meal. They might be treated with the leftover buffet meal, but such things often run out fast.

cruise passengers

Photo Credits: Pixabay