7 Things not to do on an airplane

Not many know that airplane is a place which has plenty of germs


Travelling is otherwise stressful and is also time when you have to fight it out with the germs that come your way. An airplane journey might seem like the most convenient and the cleanest way to travel but not many are aware of the hidden germs. Here are a few places in the airplane that can be filled with germs. Here are a few things not to do when on a flight.

1. Do not walk barefoot – Only the flight attendants know as they have seen everything from vomit to blood that has spilled on the carpet. Never walk barefoot on the flight as the carpet is full of germs.


2. Do not sit for the entire flight time – While on an airplane, you are at a higher risk to develop deep vein thrombosis (DVT) which is a kind of blood clot that forms in the legs. Try walking around for a few minutes or just stand up and stretch.


3. Avoid your contact lenses – It is best to opt for your glasses as the air in the cabin is very dry and can cause irritation to the eyes.

4. Do not turn off the vent above the seat – If the air blowing above your seat makes you chilly, it is advised to put on a sweatshirt as this helps to blow away any airborne germs.

5. Do not eat food fallen on the tray table – The trays behind the seats do not get sterilized between the flights. The table tray has plenty of bacteria, thriving and can contaminate your food.

6. Do not use the blankets provided – Another item to be avoided during flights is the blankets as they usually don’t get properly washed until the day is over.

7. Do not avoid having water – Stay hydrated as much as you can as many people avoid to have water so they dont not have to visit the loo.

Photo Credits: Pixabay