6 Essentials to carry while on a desert trip

To make a desert trip memorable, a few essentials must be carried

Desert trip

A desert trip surely sounds exciting, especially for those who have been living in a cold climate like forever. The tickets are booked, the itinerary has been planned and all you need to do is pack your bags. Since you are packing your bags for a desert trip, there are a few essentials that have to be taken along. Here are a few things that should not be missed.

1. Sunscreen lotion – You do not want to tan yourself and make yourself vulnerable to skin issues. Carry a sunscreen lotion with a good SPF (unless your skin accepts high SPF) and apply it at least half an hour before you hit to your desert safari. Also carry a sunscreen for your lips. A lip balm with SPF can be good enough.

desert trip

2. Shoes…not heels – Make sure you carry a good pair of shoes that are comfortable. They can also be a pair of running shoes as you might need to walk a long way on the sand, which makes it tough for those with heels.

3. A light colored or white scarf – During the hot sunny day, you can cover your head and neck with a white or a light colored scarf. Light colors help to reflect the heat and makes it a little easier to deal with the sun.

4. Power bank and charger – Once you are in the field, you don’t want your phone to run out of battery as you might not be able to contact or message in case of an emergency.

desert trip

5. An empty water bottle – Always be equipped to carry some water as scorching heat can easily dehydrate you. You will surely want this as the harsh weather conditions can make you feel more thirsty.

6. Warmers – A desert does not mean that it does not get cold. After the sun is down, the temperature can get cold and you might need something to cover up.

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