4 countries best for solo female travelers

Travelling alone can be fun and a few countries are considered as safe for the solo female travelers


Some people like to travel alone as it can be the best thing to do to discover yourself and allow yourself to do anything that you like. If you are a female, you might be under a dilemma to which country should be visited that can be safe yet enjoyable. Here are a few countries that are listed below that can be best for a female travelling who is travelling solo.

1. Spain – When you think of Spain, all you can imagine is picturesque coastline, ancient architecture and some great food. It is the best country for a woman traveler journeying solo as it is known for upholding women’s rights. Spain is known for its beautiful and breathtaking views and has some great food to offer.


2. Canada – Safety-wise, Canada is also a great country. It has the raging Niagara Falls and the French town of Montreal. The food, culture and its architecture makes the traveler feel at home and can be a great destination for a female solo traveler. Do not miss the best coffee that it offers.


3. Iceland – As its name suggests, 15 percent of the surface of the country is covered with ice. It can be surprising, but the country is known to have the best night life and offers some great food. Iceland is one of the few countries that has the lowest crime rates which makes it ideal for the solo female traveler to explore and enjoy a luxurious vacation.

4. Japan – There can be a language problem here for tourists, but the people there are helpful. It is one of the safest places in the world for a female traveler, travelling alone. There are plenty of things to do when in Japan like shopping, food and the culture which makes you feel at home. The public transport system is easy to understand and efficient and low crime rates will make the solo female traveler feel safe.

Photo Credits: Pixabay