Why You Should Spend Your Winter Holidays in Greece


Greece is a small country that has an amazing history. Different historical situations took place there: oppression of foreigners, uprisings with hard extermination of inhabitants.

In a word, Greece has experienced both rise and fall. Today the country is very popular among tourists. There are beautiful places and monuments, which travelers from all over the world are willing to see not only in summer, but also in winter.

Summer is associated with a very hot climate. However, the temperature rarely falls below 64°F in winter, which is good for those people who are intolerant to high temperatures.

To visit Greece in winter, there is a number of reasons, that act “invitingly” for tourists. Social media influencers wow the world with mesmerizing travel photos of sunny Santorini and Mykonos, but there is much more to this beautiful, Greek nation.

First, there are a lot of ancient monuments almost in all cities of Greece. However, Athens is of the greatest interest. To see and understand the history of the state, it’s not necessary to visit all the museums that exist, it is enough to get acquainted with Athens.


Secondly, there are many thermal springs, forming whole lakes, the temperature in which does not fall below 68°F even in winter, which allows you to take water treatments all year round.

Thirdly, the Balkan Peninsula has a large number of mountains. This will allow you to enjoy skiing. The Peloponnese is particularly developed in this direction, you can also go snowboarding here. The largest ski resort is located on the slope of Olympus. Such an active holiday is held at an altitude of almost one mile. This location of the resorts provides a lot of amazing adventures and contemplation of natural beauty.

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Fourth, Greece is rich in its centuries-old traditions. Most celebrations are held in winter. These holidays are amazing in their content and direction. Special attention is paid to Baptism. With this holiday, numerous festivals begin.

Winter holidays in Greece are not less pleasant, than summer holidays. The most important thing is that the number of tourists is lesser, which means that you can spend time quietly, without queues and large crowds.

Photo Credits: Unsplash