10 Reasons To Visit Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Have you heard of Cluj-Napoca in Romania?

Cluj-Napoca, or simply Cluj as the locals call it, is one of Romania’s biggest cities and the historic capital of Transylvania. The city has been under the spotlight more and more in recent years, with foreigners travelling there more often both for business and personal reasons. We have compiled a list of the most common 10 reasons why you should come to Cluj:

1. According a survey regarding the presence of foreigners, 91% of the people in Cluj-Napoca said that foreigners are a great addition to the city. This is one of the highest percentages in all Europe.

2. Cluj-Napoca was the European capital of culture in 2015. You will surely find out why after you come and visit the city.

3. The people are very friendly and open, just like anywhere else in Romania. You can easily ask anyone on the street for directions or information, as they will most likely help you out.

4. The overall security of the city is great, as well as the taxi service. You can walk freely and safely in most areas even at night, and the taxis are very cheap and easy to find.

5. It’s a student city. Cluj-Napoca is home to more than 100,000 students every year, coming from all over Romania and the world. It also has the biggest university in Romania, Babel-Bolyai, which hosts approximately 55.000 students each year.

6. These students also bring an air of multiculturalism to the city: there are thousands of foreign exchange student each year in Cluj.

7. It’s a dynamic city that never sleeps. There is always something to do in Cluj. From bar hopping and nightlife to more creative and artsy activities, there will always be something worth doing, somewhere worth going. Even if you do not have friends here, there are groups of very friendly guides who will show you what to do in the city. There are also lots of concerts, festivals and events almost every weekend. And we have to mention Untold and Electric Castle as go-to music festivals in the summer.

8. It is a great touristic and cultural city. If you are not impressed by concerts, nightlife and parties, you will surely enjoy the other cultural activities the city can throw towards you. Cluj-Napoca is a city of culture, with great architecture, history and lot of cultural places to visit and events to attend. There are movies in cinemas and shows in theatres in multiple languages.

9. Cluj-Napoca is very professional. It is considered the biggest IT center in Romania, and is often compared to Silicon Valley due to the large number of respectable IT professionals and startups active in the area. Come here in a fun holiday, stay for the awesome business opportunities!

10. Visit the rest of Romania. Cluj-Napoca is a great place to start, of course. But the rest of Romania certainly has its attractions, which you surely shouldn’t miss if you arrive in this Eastern European country!

Photo Credits: Pixabay