Holidays in the UK – What You Need to Know


Planning a trip to the UK?

The UK is an extremely popular country — the purpose of the trip to there is mainly divided into three groups: education, tourism and also business; many foreigners are engaged in it in England. The country provides a huge range of opportunities for tourists. Great Britain is open for everyone. There is no discrimination and racial persecution, so the number of immigrants in the country increases.


The UK is a safe country for tourists, local police are respected by the inhabitants, but the presence of a large number of visitors undermines the reputation of the country. Many immigrants are not all decent and working people. On the streets of Britain, there are constantly homeless people hanging around. Going for a walk, do not take a large amount of money. The UK is not a cheap country, so the prices for goods, and fines for violations bite hard.

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The history of Great Britain is very interesting. The first Celtic settlements were discovered by the Holy Roman Empire. Later Celts were called Britons. Then the warring tribes of Scandinavians and Germans came. Modern Great Britain started from them.


The climate of the UK is not suitable for every tourist. The country has a significant amount of rainfall year-round because of the Atlantic Ocean. The average temperature there ranges from 39 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Visitors should not rely on warm comfortable weather. Swimming will be problematic. Many beaches are closed due to sharp reefs. An umbrella or rain jacket is a must.


Places to visit

Abstracted from the bad weather, tourists will be able to visit the historical sights of the Kingdom. In every country in the UK, a person interested in history can find what to explore: cathedrals, medieval historical castles, old monasteries, abbeys, chapels, churches, etc. For example, the famous construction Stonehenge, which is full of mysteries. It annually lures tens of thousands of tourists who pay much money for a visit. The famous passage through the Strait between England and France will surprise any tourist. The cathedrals are noteworthy – Durham, Chester and the linke.

A tourist trip to The United Kingdom is suitable for curious people who can endure all the disadvantages of a humid climate. Returning from the country, any tourist will acquire useful knowledge that one can share with the loved ones.

Photo Credits: Pixabay