5 Easy ways of saving money while travelling

While travelling can be expensive, there are also ways by which you can save a lot of money


Travelling means that you need to spare a good amount of money as you never know what you would like to spend on. But there are also a few possibilities that you can save money while you are travelling. Here are a few ways where you can save money.

1. Carry you own snacks – Snacks can be pretty expensive on a flight. It would be much less expensive to carry your own snacks like a bunch of dry fruits or other such snacks which are allowed on flights. If you have not finished on the flight they can be handy when you are on your actual holiday destination.

2. Eat light and something that is quick – When you are travelling, it is not always possible to make or cook elaborately. At the restaurant, instead of a big meal, you can opt for options like cut fruits, hummus and vegetables and wholesome salads that will save a major portion of your money. You can also save time by doing so.

3. Make the best use of public transport – Instead of spending on a hired two wheeler or a car, you can opt for a public transport that is available in the locality which can be way more cheaper that hiring your own.

4. Travel during off season – Season time always has a rush of tourists and is a peak time when the hosts earn a lot of money. The prices are too high during this time so it is wise to travel at a time which is off season and you can get your accommodation at a very reasonable price.

5. Do smart shopping while buying souvenirs – When you are at a new place, there are high chances that you can get cheated by the shop keepers as they are good at it. Make sure that you bargain and verify about the items that you are shopping at other shops as well.

Photo Credits: Unsplash