4 Things to keep in mind while booking a holiday at resort

A resort holiday can be exciting but there are a few things that need to be considered before you book one


A holiday at the resort can be truly exciting and you might have booked an all-inclusive holiday package at your favourite destination. Resorts do provide the best accommodation and many of them give the best service for the guests. But many guests are not actually aware of certain facts that your resort might not have shared with you. Here are a few facts that you need to know before you check in or even before you actually book.

1. You All-inclusive package might not be actually ‘all-inclusive’ – It is usually seen that it is the accommodation and the food that is included in your stay. But make sure that you read the condition that are written in small letters before you book. There are possibilities that the resort might charge you for the airport transportation and Wi Fi connection or even for some of the premium items that you select from the menu.


2. Pictures being edited – Resorts often post pictures which look beautiful and attract the guests to book a stay with them. The online images include plush rooms that have a view of the sea or an indoor swimming pool which is huge and clean. But there are chances that there might be rooms that do not have any such view of the sea at all or a swimming pool that does not have any water at all.


3. Drinks or other things being exorbitantly charged – There are also resort which can charge you a bomb even for the petty things. There can be chances that the guests can be charged for a full fruit platter when he had asked and served was just two bananas.

4. Avoid using stuff provided by resorts – There are things like bath towels or bath robes that are provided in the room, but when you are on a budget travel there can be a chance that they might not be clean enough to be used. So it is wise to carry your own stuff.

Photo Credits: Unsplash