5 Mistakes to be avoided that can make you holiday over-budget

You need to consider some of the important and basic expenses when you are planning a holiday


A luxury holiday is a time when the family gets to enjoy and spend some leisure time away from all the stress of everyday life. You might have booked the most reasonable and perfect holiday plan, but a single wrong move can ruin and can also make your travel over-budget. Here are some of the most common mistakes that can be avoided so as to avoid being over-budget.

1. Early booking or late booking – While you are aware of the travel plans, many people have the tendency of booking flights in advance. It is a usual practice to book the flights in advance that would help to get the lowest prices and would also get them some peace of mind. But the fact is that the best time to get the cheapest prices is during the first week of December for the holiday time.

2. Forgetting about petty expenses in the actual budget – It can be tedious to plan a holiday. But there are a few basic things like car rentals, airfare and food which have to be considered when you are chalking out a budget. Such small things can quickly add up to the budget and can increase the budget.

3. Avoiding travel insurance – People often avoid the travel insurance so as to avoid any additional charges and make their travel cheaper. But they do not realize that travel insurance also covers a few things like lost luggage, medical treatment, trip cancellation or a missed connection.

4. Not considering entertainment and food – It is not wise to entirely depend on the food that is provided by your accommodation as you might also step out of your accommodation premises and would like to binge on something special.

5. Not considering hidden charges – The economy fares are always good to see but by the time you checkout for payment all the additional charges are levied and make you pay more.