Mistakes to be avoided while travelling in different countries

Different countries have different rules and etiquettes and four a tourist they need to know a few facts while travelling at different places


Travelling local is never an issue, but when you are travelling abroad you need to do ample research. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. This proverb applies just perfectly as it is not just the accommodation and food that you need to take care of. You will not want to end up in an embarrassing situation when you do not follow a few rules and screw up big time. Here are a few countries and things that you need to follow according to their ways.

1. Russia – In Russia, when you are thinking of gifting someone flowers, make sure that they are even in number. If the flowers are in odd numbers in the bunch then they are meant for the dead.

2. Singapore – Singapore is a very strict place when it comes to cleanliness. It i9s a criminal offence to litter when in the city and even drinking in public between 10:30 pm to 7 am as it is also an offence.


3. Austria – Austria is a place which is strict with the passports of the tourists. They are expected to carry their passports wherever they go. Which means, when the tourists are on an outing then they are not expected to leave their passports in the hotel room.

4. Brazil – Not many are known to the OK hand gesture in Brazil as it has a more offensive meaning. So avoid making such gestures.

5. Germany –When in Germany and if you are wishing someone on their birthday but are not sure about the date, it is better to avoid not wishing them. The local superstition says that it is a bad superstition to wish them before their birthday and means that somehitng bad could happen to them.

6. Italy – Eating your food with hands in Italy is considered as rude or disrespectful.

7. Turkey – In turkey it is rude to leave even a few sips of tea in the cup.

Photo Credits: Pixabay