6 Things not to do while visiting UAE

UAE has a set of rules the tourists should be aware of


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is surely a good country to visit. There are a number of attractions and is also a good culture to experience. It is highly recommended but before booking the tickets, one needs to be aware of the culture, rules and regulations of the country. Some legal and cultural rules might be a little different but are common for the locals and they need to abide and so should the tourists. Here are a few rules that one needs to note and follow when in UAE.

1. Do not take pictures of people in public – It is illegal to take pictures of public in the country without their permission. Illegal photography can lead to a fine of up to 500,000 AED and six months in prison.


2. Do not eat outside during Ramadan season – The holy Ramadan month is when the Muslims in the country observe a fast for the whole day. It is a sign of respect that most of the restaurants close doors and cover their windows during those hours. During the fasting hours, it is strictly prohibited to eat, drink or even chew gum in public places.


3. Do not indulge in public display of affection – It might be common in some of the western countries but public display of affection in the UAE is strictly not allowed. If a couple is caught kissing, they could land in the jail.

4. Do not bring prescription medicines without paperwork – If you are under medication, then it is essential to have proper paperwork with a signed prescription from a certified medical practitioner.

5. Do not wear inappropriate clothing – Tourists in the UAE should be careful and mindful while selecting clothes. Bikinis and shorts could be worn at the beach, but while visiting a religious place or even the mall, tourists are expected to be dressed according to the rules.

6. Do not disrespect religion and culture – Tourists visiting the country must in any case respect the culture and religion. Talking anything unruly about the country or the rulers could land themselves in jail.

Photo Credits: Pixabay