7 Essentials to be carried on a trekking trip

Trekking trip can be a fun adventure but there are a few essentials that need to be carried along


Mountain climbing or trekking is for those who love adventures and one needs to be well equipped if you are planning for a trekking trip. When you are getting closer to nature, sometimes things might go unplanned and might land you in trouble and make you realize that if you were a little more equipped then you would have been able to pull this hurdle off. Here are the essentials that you need to take along while planning a trekking trip.

1. Dry snacks – Trekking involves usage of a lot of energy and there might be times you might be exhausted and might be in need of some energy. Carry a few dry snacks like nuts, chocolates or even fruits that occupy less space in you baggage.


2. Water bottle – The body tends to dehydrate when you are hiking and most of the time the hiker does not realize that they are actually sweating. Sipping on water can help to keep the body hydrated and energetic.


3. A backpack – There are a few rucksacks and backpacks that have been specifically designed for the hikers and helps them to organize the items and also provides easy access to the items that they need. They are not just well equipped but also helps to balance the load properly.

4. Trekking shoes – This is the basic item that you need to have. A good pair of trekking shoes is all you need for a good foot grip. Make sure that they are not just light weight, but also make your feet comfortable.

5. Swiss knife – It is a multi-purpose toolset that has a variety of knives for different purposes which can be handy in various situations.

6. Flashlight – When it gets dark a small flash light can prove to be a life saver especially when you are late to reach your base camp.

7. Hand sanitizer – Hand sanitizers are handy as your hands can get contaminated by touching different surfaces. It can keep a check on germs and helps maintain hygiene.

Photo Credits: Pixabay