5 Places to holiday in December

December is a holiday time and it surely gets tricky when it comes to pick a destination


December is the peak holiday time when most of the North America and Europe is dark and chilly. But that does not prevent the holidayers to travel and have fun. This is the time when people come out to shop and spend some quality time with their families. But the question remains as to where to spend time in the month of December. Here are a few destinations which can be considered as apt for the December holiday.

1. Milan – December 7 marks the beginning of the Opera season and is known as the St. Ambrose Day which is considered as one of the brightest times of the holiday time. The opera house is a place where people across the globe come to witness the skills. If you are lucky to get a couple of tickets to the show then it is a must catch.



2. Munich – Munich is known for its Christmas market and people who love the traditional things can indulge in the most iconic items that you have always looked for. Starting from the beginning of December, you can find wooden stalls where you can find items like Christmas decorations, variety of candles and the one item that you should not miss is the mug of gluhwein.

3. Colorado – For people who love to go skiing , there are resorts that offer early ski season deals. The place does not have steep slopes but surely offer some great deals. The resorts open from the second week of December.

4. Bondi beach – It can be called as a tradition to spend Christmas on the Bondi Beach in Australia. Every year you can find people from across the globe to catch the winter sun on the popular Bondi Beach.

5. Rio – This is the place where the summer is in full swing in December and the perfect time to get winter sun. This is a great place to catch in Brazil and you can spend the entire month and get back after ringing in the
New Year.

Photo Credits: Pixabay