6 Foods not to miss when in Brazil

Brazil has a variety of foods items to offer and people here love their food


While thinking of Brazil, all you can think of is plenty of fruits especially coconut and pineapple. But not any are aware that the country is a land that has a variety of food to offer. The Brazilians are foodies and love their food. If you are one of those who is travelling to Brazil then here are a few food items that you should not miss in any case.

1. Pastel – Anything deep fried makes it to the top list of favourites. Pastel is a very popular street food and can be found in any market. It has a deep fried crust and the filling can be anything from chicken or something that is vegan. Pastel can be had with a a variety of homemade sauces.


2. Grilled cheese – People in Brazil love to have cheese. It is the beach where you can find grilled cheese that is made live in front of you on a coal stove and can be enjoyed while sunbathing on a beach. There are many street vendors that sell grilled cheese and should not be missed.


3. Green coconut – There cannot be anything refreshing than a fresh green coconut that has plenty of mildly salted and sweetened water and some white flesh which is not just a treat to the taste buds but is also healthy.

4. Rice and beans – Rice and beans is a staple for the people in Brazil. There are many dishes that contain these ingredients. However, every family in the country have their own taste, recipes and their way of eating rice and beans.

5. ACAI – One of the best desserts and is almost like having a bowl full of ice cream. It is a bowl filled with frozen acai berry puree which is topped with fresh fruits, oats, granola and sometimes even condensed milk for the added flavor.

6. Fried Fish – At the coastal side, Fried fish is a staple. You can also find fresh water fish which is fried and the magic of its simplicity is how it is just served with lime or mayonnaise.

Photo Credits: Pixabay