6 Foods to be avoided while on a road trip

While on a road trip certain foods items should be avoided to make the experience memorable

road trip

Road trips are fun and is the perfect time to make the most of your holiday. But while you are having fun, you would want to be healthy and not fall ill. While on a road trip you need to take care of certain things and need to watch what you are eating. Since you are on the move, you need to be gentle on your belly. Here are a some foods that should be avoided while on a road trip.

1. Beans – Fresh beans salad can be purchased from a local truck shop, but it is better to be avoided as its freshness could be compromised and could make you ill. Moreover, beans also tend you make you gassy.

road trip

2. Pre-made sandwiches – Another common food that is found on the roadside shops. You never know since how long they have been lying on the shelves. Pre-made Tuna and egg sandwiches are a big no no as these tend to get spoiled quickly.

road trip

3. Energy drinks – Energy drinks are usually highly carbonated. Though it might be essential for the driver to be hydrated all times but carbonated drinks are not going to help you in any way. During road trips you need to feel fresh and energetic and not lethargic.

4. Extra spicy food – Avoid having foods that are too spicy as this can make things worse for you. Spiciness could urge you find a washroom on an urgent basis and will also make you feel uncomfortable.

5. Over-salted chips – Chips is a very common food item while on the journey. They are a big no no as it can make you feel bloated. You might even end up consuming plenty of water to make things even worse.

6. Protein bar – While a protein bar can be a healthy option, but they have high calorie content. Consumers must be aware of what they are consuming as many of them are misleading.

Photo Credits: Pixabay