5 Delicacies of Denmark that should not be missed

Denmark and its population love their food and a few food items should not be missed while on a visit


The Kingdom of Denmark is a Nordic country and is one of the most developed countries in the world. The population has a high standard of living and they also love their food. If you are one of those who is visiting the country, then here is a list of foods that you should not miss during your visit. Food in Denmark reflects its culture and most of its names are difficult to pronounce.

1. The open sandwich – The Danes love their open faced sandwiches and it can be as simple as a slice of bread with various toppings of your choice including roasted beef, pickles, eggs mayo and shrimp.


2. The Danish Hot Dog – The Danish Hot Dog is very much a part of the country’s culture. Tourists can find many stands that offer the most traditional ones and also those that are very modern versions.


3. Danish pastries – They cannot be actually called Danish as they were first made in Denmark by Austrian bakers. But still the Danish pastries gained popularity over the centuries and is now the favourite of the locals. The bakeries offer a varieties of it and some of the popular ones include Cinnamon Snail and Rum Snail.

4. Danish Meatballs – The Danish meatballs are one of the popular ones and are served for dinner as well as lunch. According to the traditional recipe, the meatballs contain calf, pork, flour, onions and eggs along with some spices. But there are also plenty of modern versions that are loved by the youngsters.

5. Oysters – Oysters in Denmark are a little extraordinary as they are world class and should not be missed by those who love sea food. You can also go for oyster safari by wearing wading boots and hunt your own oysters in shallow water. The safari traditionally concludes with a glass of champagne when you get to taste your catch of the day.

Photo Credits: Pixabay