5 Food items not to be missed when in Phuket

Phuket has a number of food items for the tourists who have an experimental palette


While Phuket is known for its massive beaches and picturesque locations, it is also known for its exotic foods. People who love to experiment with their taste buds should indulge in the food that is offered by this island in Thailand. Here are a few food items that should not be missed while your trip in Phuket.

1. Mee Hokkien Noodle – The distinct feature of the dish is its thick yellow fried noodles with prawns, pork, squids with eggs and beans that make a perfect combination. The dish is garnished with sambal chili along with a squeeze of lime.


2. Tom Yam Goong –This is not for the weak hearted and certainly not for those who cannot tolerate spiciness. It is a soup that is prepared with coconut milk, mushrooms, herbs, spices and off-course red chillies. One of the favourite dishes of the Thai.


3. Dim Sum – Some might also call them as Chinese meatballs or momos. There is a variety of dim sum in Phuket and is ready to be ordered. They are offered with a number of fillings ranging from pork, green beans, shrimp, prawns and others. It is highly recommended by the locals and is healthy as it is steamed.

4. Roti – Some also call it as Roti Pancake which is the Thai version of sweet pancakes. It has a dough with a filling and can contain condensed milk, eggs, milk and sugar. The filling can be of your choice and includes fruits that you eat. Some serve them with ice-cream or thick coconut milk.

5. Por Pia – For those who love their food deep fried, then Por Pia is a food item that can satisfy your cravings. It is a spring roll that have fillings with meat, vegetables, rice noodles or pork. The filling is wrapped in a crispy roll which is deep fried and is served with a spicy sauce and crunchy salad.

Photo Credits: Pixabay