6 Essentials to be packed before leaving for hiking or trekking

There are a few trekking essentials that need to be packed before you leave


People who love adventure often indulge in hiking and trekking. But it is important to know the basics and have the proper gear for such activities. While on such trips we often make mistakes as every time we tend to forget something important. It is very important to understand that while on a hiking trip or trekking, it is very important to have certain vital things around you in case you get stuck in a sticky situation. Here is a list of things that you should never forget while leaving for a hiking trip.

1. A few items for snacking – without energy, you cannot do any activity. Hiking and trekking makes the body lose plenty of energy faster than you can even imagine. You can pack a mix of items like dry fruits, fruits, chocolates, energy bars and others. Such things consume less space and are easy to pack.


2. Water bottle – While performing such strenuous activities, we tend to get dehydrated. It is important to keep yourself hydrated and a water bottle is a must to be packed. You can keep sipping on water or you can also have natural fruit juice to give you that energy. Make sure that you carry bottles which are leak proof.


3. A good and spacious backpack – It is wise to travel light and organized. A good quality backpack can be a good investment as it can carry all your essentials that you need during your hiking and trekking sessions.

4. Good Trekking shoes – You will also need a pair of good quality trekking shoes which offer a good grip over different terrains.

5. A Swiss knife – A Swiss knife can be handy in case you get stuck in a tough situation.

6. A Torch light – A torch light can be handy in case you get stuck in darkness or become late to reach back to the base camp.

Photo Credits: Pixabay