6 Free activities that can be done while on a cruise trip

A cruise trip is surely expensive but also offers a few activities and foods which are free of cost


Cruising can be the best experience of a lifetime only when you know the whereabouts of it. It is never possible for the passengers to know about the nook and corners of the cruise and they might even not be guided by the staff of what they can do while their cruising trip. It is essential that they know about a few activities that can be done. Here is a list of activities that can be done without any extra cost.

1. Catch a movie – Admission to the movie on a cruise is free and you are also free to bring a few treats from your cabin or the buffet without the need to be hidden under the jacket. Some of them also have outdoor lido deck movie screens which can prove to be a romantic moment with your partner.


2. Get a free drink – All cruises offer its passengers the drink of the day and there are also a few luxury lines that offer fares that include alcohol while most of the mainstream cruises do not. Unlimited juice and soda are given for free to all the passengers ages 3 to 20.


3. Get access to free internet – Cruises are surely expensive and also offer free internet access for its passengers so that it becomes convenient to stay connected with the loved ones.

4. Poolside milkshakes and smoothies – There are many cruise ships that offer free ice-cream, smoothies and even milk shakes at the poolside. So you need not to worry about spending a few extra dollar on some of the luxury items like these.

5. Get to witness broadway entertainment – Every cruise-line hires broadway entertainers on board for the passengers to enjoy. Their shows are otherwise expensive outside, but on the cruise line, the passengers can enjoy it for free.

6. A slice of pizza – For those who like a little adventure can indulge in activities like indoor sky diving and surfing.

Photo Credits : Pixabay