5 Places not to be missed in 2020

2020 is almost here and it is time to list places which should not be missed


2019 is all set to come to an end and as 2020 fast approaches it is time to make a new list of places to be visited at least once in a lifetime. There are many places on the planet which might still be untouched by you. New Year certainly means new travel plans and time to explore something that you might not have witnessed before. Here is a list of new places that should be on your list to be visited in 2020 and should not be missed.

1. New Zealand – The place might be a little expensive but is the best place for the travelers who love to be outdoors always. It is the natural appeal of the country that appeals the visitors. The country is known for its wildlife. Even the people here are warm and friendly and are known as Kiwis.


2. Nepal – The main attraction of the country is the Mount Everest, but that does not mean that you need to be a mountain climber. Nepal is known for its mountains and views. It has everything from luxury hotels to safari camps which can be ventured. The place is very inexpensive and affordable for a holiday.


3. Ecuador – Ecuador has the Galapagos Islands which have its volcanos. Despite the place being popular, the local government has made strict efforts to conserve the place which even makes the locals as eco-conscious. There is an ultra-luxury resort opened on an extinct volcano which makes for the perfect holiday.

4. Alaska – It is recommended to visit the Southeast Alaska. There is also a sightseeing flight with Taquan Air that offers picturesque views of the place and is highly recommended and should not be missed.

5. Brazil – The tour that is highly recommended is the Amazon Nature Tours that offers some sight seeing in Manaus. You can also venture in to the Amazon Rainforest on a motor yacht Tucano up to the Rio Negro.

Photo Credits: Pixabay