6 Fun places to enjoy in January 2020

January is the best time to enjoy a holiday as it takes away the holiday rush


Its holiday time and is the best time to spend some quality moments with our loved ones. Since a brand new decade is all set to be launched, it is time to give yourself a memorable and fun experience while you begin 2020. January makes it the most favourable time to travel and holiday as it is the time when the season cools down and the crowd is also restricted. Here are a few fun places that can be visited in January 2020.

1. The Grand Cayman – For those who want to escape the cold winter season, The Grand Cayman is the perfect island which has beaches all over. Some of its attractions include the Cayman Crystal Caves, Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park and Cayman Bay.

2. Fort Wayne, Indiana – It is a place which is pocket friendly and is also considered as one of the most affordable places in America. It has a huge Fox Island Park which can be enjoyed by an outdoor adventure lover.

3. Santa Fe, New Mexico – It is a heaven for the art lovers as there are many art installations. The place also offers horseback riding along with many trails for hiking. Shoppers can also enjoy good deals.

4. Killington, Vermont – There are many skiable resorts to be enjoyed with snow covered all over. If you want to be just lazy, you can also relax at the spa or make the most of a romantic Snow Cat Sleigh ride.

5. Panama City – It is the best city that can be enjoyed by any kind of traveller. From animal lovers who can enjoy a national park outside the city, it also has some great food for the foodies.

6. Kenya – To catch some warm weather, Kenya has some great beaches. Nairobi too has the Uhuru Gardens which is worth a catch and the shoppers can also enjoy some great deals at the Maasai Market.

Photo Credits: Pixabay