5 Skincare tips while travelling in winter

Winter holidays can be a great experience but can be harsh on the skin


The winter is here and it is the time when your skin needs extra care. Skin care certainly goes for a toss while you are travelling during those holiday times. If you are those who have plans to go on a holiday during the peak winter season then a few tips are a must to follow. Since you will be travelling, the change in the weather has an effect on the skin. Here are a few tips that can be followed when you are travelling during the harsh winter season.

1. Use mineral water to wash face – Change of location, also brings changes to the water. Change of water has an effect on the skin as it becomes tough to maintain a pH balance and makes it prone to break outs. You can use mineral water to be safe and gentle on the skin.


2. Carry a good sunscreen – While travelling, carry a good sunscreen lotion that has ample SPF. It also protects the skin from harmful UV rays. Apply sunscreen lotion at least half an hour before you step out in the sun. Sunscreen should be applied on all the parts of the body which are exposed to sun.


3. Use Face mists – While travelling, especially on flights, the atmosphere makes the skin dry. A face mist helps the skin escape the dryness and hydrates it. It can be used during winter as well as in summers.

4. Sheet masks – Sheet masks are the best companions when you are travelling. This is the time, when we usually ignore proper moisturizing the skin. Sheet masks, give that extra hydration to the skin and keeps it away from dryness.

5. Get ample sleep – Holiday is a time when the sleep is mostly compromised. Make sure that you get ample sleep as lack of it can result in the skin to break out. Lack of sleep can also result in dark circles under the eyes which can make you look unpleasant and tired all the time.

Photo Credits: Pixabay