Top 5 Places to celebrate New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a time when the entire world comes together to welcome the New Year with great enthusiasm

New Year's eve

Christmas and New Year is fast approaching and it is time for people to start planning as to where they need to travel to celebrate the New Year’s eve for the best experience. It is the New Year’s eve time when most of the people travel in search for the best experience on New Year’s eve. Here are a few places that have been listed where you can get the best New Year’s eve experience.

1. Times Square New York – This is the first place that come to mind when you think of celebrating the New Year’s eve. This is the place where you can experience some great music, amazing light shows and tons of confetti dropped on you. The countdown moments is a time that should not be missed if you are at Times Square.

New Year's eve

2. The Sydney Harbor, Sydney – People who are looking for some thrill this New Year’s eve can plan for the Sydney Harbor for celebrations. The place offers some amazing fireworks, aerial flyovers that display messages, light shows and many other events that make it a happening place for people of all ages.

New Year's eve

3. Princess street gardens, Scotland – This is a place where one can witness some great dancing on the streets, with fabulous fireworks at midnight, music concerts which are hosted by many international celebrities. One of the most thrilling adventures include diving in to the freezing river Forth.

4. The Eiffel Tower, Paris – Paris is the capital for people who are in love and couples can indulge in a New Year’s eve getaway at the Eiffel Tower. You can witness some amazing fireworks and light shows. Do not miss the romantic river cruise on the Seine river with private dinner and music.

5. Copacabana Beach at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – The Copacabana beach hosts some of the wildest parties during New Year’s Eve. Catch some of the live musical performances by the beach side with colorful fireworks.

Photo Credits: Pixabay