Dos and Don’t’s of travelling solo

Travelling solo can be fun, but it is always better to do some home work before you head for one.

travelling solo

People, who are looking for some freedom and wish to explore places on their own, go on solo trips. Travelling solo is surely a great experience as you are all alone and all you have is yourself and your baggage. While travelling solo you need to keep certain things in mind and here are a few dos and don’t’s while you are travelling solo.

1. Prepare a schedule – You might be on you might be on our own, but you trip can become more fun if you plan your schedule before-hand. A strategy in your travel will make you more relaxed and free.

travelling solo

2. Do not let others know you are on your own – This applies for women who are on a solo trip. This might compromise on their security. While engaging in conversations with strangers, do not let everyone know that you are travelling solo.

travelling solo

3. Do your research – When you are visiting a country, it is always better to do some research if it is safe and if the place you are visiting has a few areas that should not be approached. It is always wise to know the rules and regulations of the place that you are visiting.

4. Do not carry extra baggage – It is always wise to travel light and do not burden yourself with extra baggage. If you purchase plenty of souvenirs, the extra space will help you.

5. Enjoy the experience within yourself and not with others – A solo trip means it is all about yourself. You might be tempted to make it live on the social media accounts, but it is better to avoid. Such discoveries should be for you to enjoy and not for others to enjoy.

Photo Credits: Pixabay