6 Things you need NOT carry while camping

Camping can be fun but you can avoid a few things to make your experience even better


Camping can be a fun experience as you are close to the nature and all set to make the most of your time at the camping site. While many might be prepared what to take for the trip with nature, there are also a few things which are not essential and can be avoided, which can help to reduce the baggage weight. Here is a list of things you need not take while camping –

1. Unessential electronics – While camping, enjoy the natural beauty of the site and take time exploring. You need not take you iPod, tablets or computers. But you can have a GPS device and a phone in case of any emergency.


2. Do not pack denims – At a camping site, you can be prone to get wet and things can become worse with a wet denim. You can opt for clothing with quick-dry fabrics which are not just comfortable but will also dry quickly if you get wet.


3. Avoid taking white clothing – At the river side camping, you can find plenty of mud and could also brush up against bushes and trees. Carry dark color clothing as they do not get dirty easily and also absorb the sunlight much more than the light colors.

4. Avoid to bring any expensive jewellery – There is not use to flaunt your style as this is a site where you need to be comfortable and enjoy the beauty of the nature. Things can get lost or damaged easily at such sites. You can leave them at the safety of your home.

5. Do not carry anything with a strong odor – Anything too smelly can attract wild animals. There are high chances that strong odors can attract bears towards humans.

6. Don’t bring anything you do not wish to carry back – Since you are camping with nature, do not leave a trace of yourself at the site. Bring trash bags to collect all the garbage or wastage at the site.

Photo Credits: Pixabay