5 Ways to go green on your next trip

Stay green and protect the environment when you are travelling


While the world is mourning the wildfire that set ablaze the forest in Australia, it is important for each one to know the responsibility towards nature as well. One of the bitter truths is that the travel industry proves to be the worst of the environment. Travel is the time when people tend to make use of single-use plastic for convenience. But that does not mean that it has to be that way always. There are alternatives as well. Here are a few ways you can go green and protect the environment while travelling.

1. Say no to single-use plastic – This is prevalent on flights where the single use plastic is still prevalent. You can avoid the use of the plastic cups for water and use a tin bottle instead. Even if you have to then you can avoid to take another one in case of a refill.


2. Opt to travel by train or car – Aircrafts are the worst enemies of the environment with the highest carbon emissions. If the place you are travelling can be accessed by road or by train then that can be the best option. Travelling by train or a car might take time but can be the most cherished and exciting experience.


3. Clean up wherever you go – You need to stay away from littering and you can also contribute by cleaning up at least a small portion at a beach that you are passing by. The contribution might be small, but will surely make a difference.

4. Buy from local markets – Local markets means you get closer to the local people who know the best of the place that you are visiting. There are many markets which offer locals goods and food items that do not reach the customers and thus reduces the carbon footprint.

5. Consider camping instead of luxury resorts – You can camp at natural and green spaces outdoors for your next adventure instead of spending thousands of dollars on luxury resorts.

Photo Credits: Pixabay