5 Warm destinations to be visited during winter time

It is time to pack your bags and escape to a warm place, away from the freezing snow


The holiday season has come to an end with Christmas and New Year that has recently concluded. But the winter continues to be harsh and those who are planning for a holiday and are tired of dealing with the cold winds and minus temperatures, it is time to pack your sunscreen lotions and summer outfits for a getaway at some of the warm locations. Here are a few warm locations that can be visited with family which is away from heavy snowfall. While the Northern hemisphere is covered with snow, the southern hemisphere is enjoying summer time.

1. Auckland – People who reside in the West Coast of the US can plan a getaway to Auckland which has a nice and sunny atmosphere. What is more convenient that there are direct flights for the destination from almost any of the big hubs of the West Coast.


2. Mazatlan – Sometimes it is also a great idea to travel to places which are a little less expensive yet offer luxury accommodations along with plenty of activities. Tourists can experience the night life, go fishing and can indulge in many more activities the place has to offer.


3. Puerto Rico – People who are travelling during winter can opt for Puerto Rico which is a Carribean destination. The place has its own historical importance and can keep the travelers entertained for a reasonably good time. There are many places that can be enjoyed at the island.

4. Savannah – One of the best destinations for people who are looking out for some warm weather during the winter time. The place is best for those who like to visit haunted places. There are many structures which have cultural importance and also haunted.

5. Destin – The place is at the Gulf Coast which has some great white sand beaches that can be enjoyed. The climate is mild and people can enjoy fishing and the local parks.

Photo Credits: Pixabay