6 Tips while travelling with your pet

You need to be extra responsible when you are travelling with your pet


Having a pet is like having a family member and it becomes stressful when you plan a trip and think of your little partner. Well you decide to take your little friend along but that would mean worrying about various things. But if you are well organized and aware of what you might face, here are a few tips that can come handy when you have decided to take your pet along on the trip.

1. Invest in a good travel crate – When you are travelling on the road, you might think of giving it plenty of space to move around in the car. But it is better to give them their own confined space. Vets have recommended that it is good especially for a dog as it can be a safer place than sliding around on the backseat of the car.


2. DO not overload the crate with toys – Your pet surely enjoys his/her toys, but remember the crate is already a confined space. They also need some space to move around and make them comfortable. It is better to make a comfortable space for the pet.


3. Implant a microchip – When you are away from home, the worst could be if your dog or cat gets lost. Get a microchip under your pet dog or cat’s skin so that they can be tracked no matter where they go. Getting lost at unknown locations can be the worst thing you can imagine.

4. Have correct paperwork – When you are planning a trip with your pet, proper paperwork is a must as at many locations, authorities demand paperwork of incoming pets with their health certificate. If you are flying then you need to confirm with the airline about any special paperwork that is required.

5. Keep them hydrated – Pets tend to easily get dehydrated and you need to travel with extra water for the four-legged passenger. You can stop frequently to allow your pet to have some water.

6. Skip meals while travelling – Pets recommend to skip or reduce meals on travel days as one of the common symptom of stress during travel is diarrhea. It can be best to keep them without food while travelling.

Photo Credits: Pixabay and Unsplash