6 Essentials to be carried while travelling in train

Train travel can be a fun experience, but it is wise to carry a few essentials


Travelling by trains can be time consuming, but can be the best option when you are actually on a holiday instead of a business trip. It can be a fun experience when you are accompanied by family and friends and the journey becomes even more interesting when you pass by different regions and get to see the beauty of the nature. But while travelling by train, there are a few things which are essential and need to carry along.

1. Pack snacks – Most of the trains have a pantry section and have ample food to cater the passengers, but they can be expensive and sometimes it might not suit your taste buds. It is wise to pack your own bundle of snacks with yourself. Buying from the train could be an option but it can be expensive too.


2. Carry a pair of flip flops – Train is a space where you can relax and spend a relaxed time with your family and friends. Under such situations, it is better to remove your shoes and carry a pair of flip flips along with you to make sure you have a comfortable journey.

3. Carry wet tissues – Wet tissues can be handy when you are travelling as they can, not just be used for cleaning your face but can also be used for cleaning in case you have spilled something on your seat.

4. Carry a laptop or an iPod – If you are travelling alone, a train journey can get a little boring. You can carry your laptop to catch a film that you might not watch otherwise.

5. Carry essential medicines – Traveling is a time when you become vulnerable to become sick. For instance, food poisoning or heart burn can be some of the common problems that you might face.

6. Water bottles – It is better to carry your own water bottle instead of purchasing it from the train which might be pricey.

Photo Credits: Pixabay