5 Handy gadgets that can be useful while travelling

Travel time should be stress free and a few handy and useful gadgets can make things easy


Travelling is a time when you need to be well prepared with everything that you need. Since you are not at home, there can be a number of things that you might miss out on. When you are one a summer vacation, you need to make sure that you pack all the essential gadgets with you apart from the right clothing and other essentials. Here are some of the gadgets which can be handy when you are on the go.

1. Travel router/powerbank – The Hoo Hoo Travel router is the best gadget that can come handy when you need to stay connected even when you are away. It has the ability to copy files and can also turn in to a power bank. Keep your electronic gadgets like smartphones, iPads and laptops charged with the help of the Hoo Hoo Travel router and powerbank.


2. Spectacles 2 Camera Sunglasses – This is one unique device that is not just a pair of glares but also turns in to a camera and can click pictures from your own perspective. The device was earlier made for the Snapchat users to take snaps everyday but it can also be used as a travel gadget.


3. Backpack with a USB charging port – People who are off for camping can take this backpack that has a charging point. When you are carrying this charger, you need not carry another charger with you.

4. Luggage scale – People who tend to carry more stuff and get in to trouble with the airline weight limitations can have this handy luggage scale. Weigh your stuff even before you reach the airport and make sure that you are below the permitted level or you might have to pay extra for the extra baggage you are carrying.

5. Waterproof pocket size blankets – During camping or a one day trip, it becomes tough to carry big blankets along. This pocket sized blanket can do the needful and can fit in you and a little friend along.

Photo Credits: Pixabay