Travelling to China? Follow these travel tips to avoid coronavirus

China is going through the coronavirus epidemic and a few tips can help you to avoid getting infected


It is altogether advised not to travel at all to China unless it is very essential. But if it is really necessary and urgent then there are a few tips that can be followed and can also make sure that you escape from the deadly coronavirus. Some of the symptoms of the virus are flu, cold, running nose, fever muscle aches and dry cough. Here are a few measures that you can take while travelling to China.

1. It is advised to get your flu shots and all the essential vaccinations before you are travelling to a specific destination.


2. Avoid any contact with sick people or animals. Also make sure you maintain a distance who are showing symptoms of respiratory illness like coughing and sneezing.


3. Do not visit the wet markets in a foreign country. Wet market refer to the markets that smell fish, meat or other farm perishable items.

4. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. You can also carry a hand sanitizer.

5. When at a public place, wash your hands whenever you are touching any surface. It could also be the tray of your cabin luggage.

6. Wear a face mask that is medically approved when you are inside a public transport, especially flights.

7. As far as possible, pay with cash-less mode to avoid handling of any cash.

8. As far as possible eat vegan or eat meat only when you are assured that it is cooked well and is safe to be consumed.

9. Avoid spending too much time at a public place and keep a distance from people who are sick or even seem sick.

10. Avoid picking up any newspapers or magazines that have been kept at public places like flights and airports.

11. Do not indulge in trying out any exotic dishes that the locals are fond of. Eat what you are familiar with instead.

Photo Credits: Pixabay