Coronavirus : Measures to be taken when you are travelling


It is highly not recommended to travel anywhere abroad amidst the ongoing coronavirus scare. The virus has so far claimed more than 1,800 lives and thousands more have been infected by it across the globe. Under such circumstances it is not recommended to travel unless it is very essential. It things are really urgent and cannot be avoided there are a few measures that can be taken.

1. Always carry a hand sanitizer – Apart from your mobile phone and wallet, make sure that you are carrying an alcohol-based hand sanitizer which can be used on dry hands as well. This helps to kill germs after coughing or sneezing.


2. Use tissue papers instead of handkerchiefs – disposable tissues are highly recommended when you are travelling as they can be handy for wiping hands or while you are coughing or sneezing. Dispose the tissue after a single use.


3. Wash your hands frequently – Keep washing your hands, whenever you have access to clean water and soap. Avoid touching any surfaces at public places as they might be contaminated. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap before washing with water.

4. Avoid contact with people who have cold and flu – Avoid talking to people who are suffering from cold and flu. Try to keep a distance.

5. Maintain your body immunity – Maintain the immunity of your body by consuming healthy food. You can include nuts like raisins, cashew nuts and walnuts in your diet.

6. Wear a mask while travelling or at public places – while travelling, make sure you and your family members are wearing face masks. It is tough to avoid people while travelling.

7. Carry medicines for cold and flu – Even if you have the slightest symptoms of cold, flu or fever, make sure your medicines are handy.

8. Remain indoors – As far as possible, when you are in a foreign land, make sure that you remain indoors.

Photo Credits: Pixabay