6 Travel tips to keep in mind when visiting a new country

While travelling a new country always make sure that you are aware of the Dos and Donts of the country


Visiting a new country can be an exciting experience. Travelling itself is an experience that gives you many lessons in life in general. Different people love to travel according to their own ways and needs. Some people like to make use of the public transport while some prefer to take their own mode of transport. If you are one of those who is travelling abroad for the first time, here are a few tips that can be handy and will make you enjoy your trip.

1. Do ample research – Cultures tend to differ even when you go next door, and since you are going to visit another country, you need to be aware of what their culture is. Where ever you are visiting, it is good to research and do a good study about their culture and make sure you get in to an awkward situation.


2. Plan an itinerary – You might be surely excited and would want to cover everything but you need to slow down and first make a list that you wish to cover first and plan an itinerary for the day or for the whole trip.

3. Learns basics of the native language – Language can be a big barrier. So if you are travelling to France, try to learn some of the basic worlds like greetings, water, thank you, money and so on.

4. Do not overburden yourself – As far as possible travel light. The lighter you are, it will be easy for you to move around, especially when you are travelling alone.

5. Do not argue – When you are struggling in terms of language or the food there are chances you might get irritated. In any case, do not lose your cool and do not argue with the locals. Try to find a person who can understand your language or just ask someone else for help.

6. Enjoy – Travelling is a time when you can be yourself, away from the everyday chores, commitments and targets. Make the most of your time holidaying and traveling.

Photo Credits: Pixabay