Coronavirus: Things to know when you are travelling on a plane

Amidst Coronavirus outbreak travelers taking a flight need to be aware of what risks they will have to deal with


There are many people who are avoiding to travel through any medium. But there can be times when it becomes very essential and urgent to travel due to personal or work issues. Coronavirus is spread across different countries and has put many people at risk. Travelling under such a situation can be risky but if a few precautions are taken then it should not put the person at risk. Here are a few tips for those who need to take the plane during the ongoing outbreak.

1. Keep washing your hands – As far as possible maintain a good hygiene as it is the best way to do this is by washing hands with handwash liquid for at least ten seconds. You can also keep a hand sanitizer handy and avoid touching your mouth, nose or eyes.


2. Do proper research of your destination – Before you travel, make sure that you do some research of the place you are supposed to reach. Analyse the actual situation and see if the travel and the risk is worth.


3. Masks – There is no need of wearing a mask unless you are sick as you don’t want the other person next to you to be sick. People who are healthy do not have to wear a mask as a protection against coronavirus.

4. Keep wiping surfaces – While on the plane, make sure that you wipe your personal surfaces with rubbing alcohol or just some wipe and some hand sanitizer. So far it is still not known how long the virus survives on surfaces, so it is better to be safe.

5. Select a window seat – To avoid catching on the illness, it is recommended to reserve the window seat as the aisle seats have more access and you can also come across potentially sick passengers on the plane.

Overall, it is recommended not to travel at all unless it is a very emergency situation and take ample precautions and maintain your body immunity amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

Photo Credits: Pixabay