5 Tips to make travelling convenient for senior citizens

Senior citizens are often given a number of facilities while travelling but not many are aware of them

senior citizen

Old age is a time when people tend to travel and explore places especially after retirement. Travelling can be tiresome but there are a number of services and facilities which have been made specifically for the senior citizens for their convenience. Since not many are aware of them here are a few tips to make the most of them.

1. Have a hassle-free TSA (Transport Security Administration) screening – If you are 75 years or above, you can keep your shoes and jacket on when you undergo the security. The carry-on liquids does not apply on the medications but just keep them in a transparent bag which is resealable so it can be easily checked while screening. Most of the airports have separate security lines where senior citizens do not have to wait.

senior citizen

2. Opt for TSA pre-check – This can be done if you are planning to travel a lot after retirement. This helps to significantly reduce the wait time at the customs and security. The TSA pre-check can be applied for online. They usually check for backgrounds and take fingerprints for approval and the procedure takes about ten minutes. It offers a 5 year membership that costs $85. Some airline credit cards and reward cards cover such a benefit.

3. Do not depend too much on senior discounts – The senior citizen discounts have been stopped by Southwest in 2019. Only a few markets provide such discounts and that too on limited flights.

4. Ask for early priority boarding – This can be done when you book the ticket. But most of the airlines by default allow the elderly to board first.

5. Get airport lounge access – This is mostly provided by credit card companies. Lounge access can be handy in case of a delay of the connecting flight. It otherwise costs $40 per person, but many of the travel credit card holders get the facility for free.

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Photo Credits: Pixabay