5 Changes the travel sector might go through

Travel might not be the same in the future after the ongoing coronavirus pandemic


The world is currently dealing with a heavy crisis in each and every sector which also includes the travel sector. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has majorly affected the travel and tourism across the globe. As for now the travel is severely restricted as a measure to stop the spread of coronavirus, but what lies in future of this sector still remains a question. Here are a few possibilities that the travel industry might face.

1. Cleanliness will be the key – Cleanliness will be the top priority at hotels, cruises or resorts. Everything will have to be closely monitored and a dedicated staff will be deployed to make sure surfaces are kept clean and hygienic. This will mean that there be sanitizers everywhere with hard surfaces being regularly cleaned and sanitized.


2. Cruses might become less expensive – After the cruise services resume, the travelers could find low tariffs. It will become tough to attract new customers and offers and discounts will be the key to attract the customers. This might also lead to some compromises in services.


3. Hotel room rates will be reduces – The hotel room rates will see a drop in future. On the other hand the US hotel room rates are already down by 30 percent. It might also become tough for many of the brands to survive in the market. Due to this there are chances that the hands behind the scenes might be changed, but the hotels will remain operational under the same brand.

4. Low air fares – The airlines are going to struggle to get back its customers. There are chances that the planes would go empty and the travelers would feel safe to travel on empty planes. The prices are likely to be dramatically low.

5. Air travel will become more flexible – The airlines will become less strict in terms of its bookings and will provide discounts and free cancellations and even flexible rebooking options for its travelers.

Photo Credits:  Pixabay