5 Things that will happen if you travel to Hawaii during lockdown

If you are thinking of a vacation to Hawaii during lockdown a few points need to be studied first


This is surely a time when the flight fares and stay fares might be highly discounted but it does come with some cons. The government of Hawaii has imposed a compulsory 14 day quarantine period for the visitors who are arriving but technically it is done on the honor system which means that the individual will be responsible if they break the rules and will be punished in case of violation. Here are the latest updates of what is happening to the visitors in Hawaii.

1. Visitors who are arriving are being tracked – The passengers who are arriving have to fill in a declaration form, the purpose of which is to prevent foreign plants, animals and pests to enter Hawaii. During the lockdown there is another point that will identify of the quarantining passengers are staying.

2. Vacation rentals stay is illegal – During the lockdown period the vacation rentals like AirBnb, VRBO and bed-and-breakfast have been ruled out as non-essential and the Hawaii Tourism Authority has made it illegal to stay at the rentals while the hotels remain open.

3. Hawaii Tourism will contract you – The visitors will be called by the Hawaii Tourism representatives to make sure that they are abiding by the lockdown rules and that also includes the 14 day self quarantine.

4. Being reckless will result in sending you home – It is better to behave at a foreign land and abide by the quarantine rules. If the rules are not followed then they can be sent back home.

5. You will be tracked by the hotel – The guests of the hotel will be tracked closely. The hotel will be notified when someone is on the way from the airport to the hotel and there will also be a follow up call to confirm if they have reached and are quarantining.

It is better to cooperate by the local laws and the hotel where you are staying to make the most of your holiday.

Photo Credits: Pixabay