4 Changes that travel could undergo in future due to coronavirus

Coronavirus pandemic is expected to change the idea of travel for ever and could be different as well


Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, many people are forced to stay indoors in order to protect themselves from getting infected or spread the infection. While a remarkable time has been spent indoors, many might already be missing going on luxury vacations with friends and family. Some might already be planning for their upcoming holiday after the lockdown is relaxed. But many have to accept the fact that things are not going to be regular hereafter and travel could also come with new guidelines and rules. Here are some of the changes that travelles might experience while holidaying.

1. People might need to have a COVID-19 passport – Germany is already planning to introduce immunity certificates that will show of the travelers are ready and immune enough to enter the new society and f they have the right anti-bodies that will prevent the infection. Hawaii already has similar rules in effect due to which hotel bookings have become limited.

2. Tourists could be tracked – With many countries already facing the coronavirus scare, one of the big lessons that was taught by the virus was the importance of contact tracing which helps to contain the virus and break the chain. So in terms of travel there are chances that the tourists could be tracked and would also alert people who come in proximity of a person who is infected.

3. Passengers would have to undergo health screening – The passengers who are travelling from another country will have to undergo a compulsory health screening so that they do not spread the virus to others and make things worse for the host.

4. Private lodgings and short rentals can become popular – No-contact transactions and interactions are being encouraged today due to the pandemic. It might be convenient for the travelers to opt for short term rentals instead of the traditional stays in the hotel. It is wise to limit the contact of the guests with the hosts to maintain safety.

Photo Credits: Pixabay