Countries that will pay you to holiday post coronavirus pandemic

If you are one of those looking for a holiday, with a tight budget consider these places that will pay you for holidaying


The coronavirus pandemic has forced many countries to halt domestic and international travel as a measure to stop the spread. But now after about three months, a number of countries are trying to put a foot forward in an attempt to get back to tourism business. Now that many people might be apprehensive on going on a holiday, a few countries have come up with lucrative offers for the tourists to holiday. There are countries which are offering to pay for their holiday as a way to lure them. Here is the list of countries which are offering money to visit.

1. Sicily, Italy – The country is offering the travelers 50 percent of their air fare and one night free stay for all. Some of the official sites are allowing the tourists to win a voucher through the website. There are also reports that entry fees on some of the popular tourist spots have been waived off.


2. Cyprus – People who visit Cyprus and if they get infected of the coronavirus, then they will be covering the entire cost of the treatment while on their island. The government here has also assured that it will cover food and stay facilities for the family and friends of the individual infected.

3. Cancun, Mexico – Mexico is ready with a whole new campaign known as the Come to Cancun 2 X 1 according to which the travelers can avail buy-one-get-one free package. The package is also valid at Puerto Morelos. The guests will get two night of free stay for every two nights of paid stays.

4. The United Kingdom – The government of the United Kingdom is planning to launch an incentive that will encourage people to holiday at home. There are also possibilities that the residents of the UK might be offered monetary incentives so they can holiday locally.

5. Bulgaria – The government of Bulgaria is planning to make the tourist spots free of costs for the travelers. This means that the sun beds, beaches and lounges will be free for the tourists and will save a lot of money of the travelers.

6. Las Vegas – The government has launched a campaign and announced 1000 free flights from US cities. The initiative is taken to stimulate tourism.

Photo Credits: Pixabay