Foreign travel demands increases as UK government gives green signal on overseas travel

UK government has given a green signal on international travel which has resulted in a sudden surge in travel demand


The coronavirus pandemic imposed strict travel restrictions on foreign travel. But now that things are slowly getting back to normal, the government has started to take bold steps towards allowing international travel in a bid to boost the economy. The government of United Kingdom permitted overseas trips from early June, 2020 and since then the travel operators are facing a high rise in bookings and inquiries about international holidays.

The holiday price comparison site TravelSupermarket during the weekend said that the weekend was a time when it has faced a very busy time ever since the lockdown was imposed in March, 2020. The online price comparisons were 100 percent while the bookings were 50 percent compared to the last weekend. The biggest tour operator in Britain is Tui and it said that the bookings were up by 50 percent. There are many other brands like Beach and Dnata travel group that owns brands like Travelbag and Travel Republic have also noticed a big pick up in the inquiries.

The holidayers are more looking forward towards a holiday at some of the destinations like Greece, France and Spain. The government said that it expected to announce the arrangement known as the AirBridge with the above countries while cancelling the need for the 14 day quarantine policy. The Joint Biosecurity Centre and Public Health England of the government has drawn a list of safe countries and have ranked as green, amber and red based on the risk factor for COVID-19. People can travel to green as well as the amber marked countries freely.

More details of the list will be given out by the Parliament soon. The inquiries went up in the last ten days and the bookings jumped to 52 percent , according to the Hays Travel co-owner Irene Hays. The co-owner added that the official announcement is yet to be made due to which there is a little hesitancy.

Photo Credits: Pixabay