Reasons why Dubai is the safest to visit post coronavirus pandemic

Dubai has proved that it is indeed possible to travel again and is safe for tourists


The coronavirus pandemic continues to spread in a number of countries and still some of the nations have restricted international travel and continue to remain closed for tourism. However, Dubai has become of the first countries to open for tourism and is also one of the safest countries to visit despite the risk of infection. The government of the United Arab Emirates has taken a number of safety precautions that has assured the tourist that it is safe. Here are the reasons why Dubai is one of the safest countries to visit post coronavirus pandemic.

1. Flights to the country are not allowed to enter with full capacity –The flights that enter the country are not allowed to be full. The flights operate with 80 percent capacity. The travelers are given a full safety kit that they have to wear throughout the journey.

2. Free COVID-19 test for tourists – The tourists undergo COVID-19 test for free and if they come out negative then they will not have to undergo the 14 day quarantine and are free to roam as a tourist.

3. Hotel rooms are sanitized – The hotel rooms where the tourists arrive are deeply sanitized.

4. Malls maintain proper guidelines – Everyone at the mall wear face masks and everyone undergoes temperature checks. Social distancing measures are followed strictly by the locals and tourists.

5. Desserts are not crowded– The tourists are instead given a car and a chauffer to take the best experience of the dessert. The driver with the car is temperature checked and wear proper safety gear.

6. Popular spots are not crowded – Some of the popular spots are kept crowd free so the tourists can enjoy the breathtaking views.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 continues to exist but the government of UAE with the precautions has given a message that people need to get used to live with the virus in the air and live with proper precautions.

Photo Credits: Pixabay